Also, I think I know why I didn’t like Revelations nearly as much as I expected.

They did a lot of great build-up about Desmond’s mental distress, the hallucinations, and everything involving the bleeding effect and the fate of Subject 16. I was getting excited at the possibility of seeing Desmond struggle to grasp how much of what he was seeing was real—watching him start to doubt his senses and even where, when, and who he was.

It started to happen, but before he even got upset about it, before the problem really revealed itself—you got shoved in the animus to fix the problem. Sure, you only got to interact with the real world through hearing voices you can’t communicate with, but the character-defining mental distress never showed up. The game treated it like the bleeding effect was awful, but everything we’d seen was just foreshadowing. I was expecting an emotional oomph that would rival the end of Brotherhood, in which Desmond is forced to question everything he experiences.

It’s like the game was teasing you for hours and hours, whispering in your ear and giving you little touches that give you goosebumps, but everything is faint and subtle and you’re ready, you’re finally ready and the game gives a soft smile—and then the game shoves its fist in you and announces it’s done for the night. 

I mean, there would have been a novel’s worth (and millions of words of fanfics’ worth) of mental anguish and self-doubt for Desmond to go through, but instead we just got a few pages of his Freudian autobiography that had nothing to do with the bleeding effect at all.

Man on ass creed 3 I haven’t even met Connor yet. (I mean, I assume the stunned ragamuffin orphan kid that somehow wandered into a high-class opera premium viewing booth without being seen by the assassin there was him. But. No confirmation yet.)

…I really feel like going back to the first and finishing collecting all the flags. In the last memory in which I actually have the jump ability I’ll need to do that.. Yeah, I’m doing that. I miss not-dying-of-old-age Altair.

friend: dude are you sick or something

me: no i just look like shit all the time

ok i had to look it up and unfortunately pegasus’ dub voice (darren dunstan) is not the same as hisoka’s 1999 dub voice (brenden hunter)

but holy shit for 1999 two dub voice actors (kite and hisoka) had the last name of hunter. did they do that on purpose. did they recruit guys with that name automatically. i

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ok a) THERE WAS A 1999 DUB???!


gon demonstrating the theme song for us

gon demonstrating the theme song for us